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My Campfire Story...

Hi, I'm Kim Barnes, founder and owner/operator of Campfire Chill which was born from my love of Colorado, camping and food!

As a busy, working Mom of 3, it's been hard managing everything that constantly needs managed. Meal planning and prep for a camping trip wasn't any different and I felt like there had to be a better way!

So Campfire Chill was born! The easy, breezy way to eat while camping. 

I am dedicated to creating delicious snacks and meals using quality ingredients. You can pick up a variety of trail mixes to fuel your adventures!

Coming soon I will have dried soup and chili mixes ready to eat by the campfire!

Located in The Hive Kitchen Market:
6628A Delmonico Dr., Colorado Springs (Near I25 and Woodman Rd.)

Open for scheduled pick-ups  in Colorado Springs



The Mission of Campfire Chill is to deliver gourmet comfort food to campers and adventurers.

Campers can spend more time relaxing by the fire and less time preparing meals!


Guiding Principles

1. Fun is Contagious and Delicious

Campfire Chill was created to make busy lives more fun and relaxing. We will keep our workplace chill, productive and fun. We will keep the food creative and inspired.

2. Always be Grateful

“An attitude of gratitude” shown to our customers, employees and vendors – because without their input, service, labor and time, our business would not be here!

3. Quality and Consistency 

You will be able to depend on always getting the same outstanding quality of food and service from Campfire Chill.

4. Everyone deserves a place at the table!

We offer meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free and kids options. Expand dietary need types as we can. Update, mix-up and change the menu to add variety while keeping the core standards the same based on your opinions and feedback. I will listen to what you like and what they would like to see on the menu.

5. Environment Matters

We will use compostable and recycled packaging whenever possible with a commitment to the “leave no trace” philosophy.

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